At last, a satisfying screw that lives up to the hype.

Unlike your basic nail and hook, ContempoNail is strong enough to hold 55 lbs* of wall decor and is designed to compliment your living space. No need to worry about hiding your nails. The contemporary feel is perfect for sprucing up your minimalistic aesthetic, modernizing your industrial scheme, adding a sleek finish to your coastal interior design, or even just to create an elegant wall gallery.

Unlike the common drywall screws, ContempoNails are easy to install and the screw anchors protect your wall from cracking or chipping around it. Simply make a hole ¼”  in diameter (using an old nail, or screwdriver, or even a bit of scrap metal), tap the anchor into your wall, and screw in your desired ContempoNail by hand.

And because no one likes a boring screw, we’ve added a custom groove that prevents your items from ever sliding off and falling to the floor. 

Product Details:

  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Dimensions: L 1.090" x D .5" x Weight .01lbs.
  • Holds up to 55 lbs (That’s like 75 cans of beer or a very chubby shiba inu)
  • Screw anchors are included with every purchase

*ContempoNail has industrial strength, but your walls may not. Drywalls or plywood frames might not withstand 55 lbs of weight. But sturdier walls will be able to hold much more.